It's Time to Rock the House With Paint & People!


This coming Tuesday August 30th, our Paint department will be launching a Demo series titled: Rock the House With Paint & People!

This series will consist of various in-store Demos, happening every Tuesday and Thursday, showcasing various artisan products and techniques.  The Demos are free of charge but are limited to 20 people.  Call or stop by the store to secure your spot!

S T E N C I L   I T ! - Paper & Burlap

With the Holidays coming up what better time to get creative!  Come and see plain paper and burlap transformed into works of art by stenciling with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and Stencil Cremes!  


Dates: Tuesday August 30th (11:30 AM)

            Thursday September 15th (11:30 AM)

            Saturday September 24th (11:30 AM)


S T E N C I L   I T !  - Fabric & Wood

 Come enjoy watching stenciling on fabric and wood using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and Stencil Cremes!  It will surely inspire you to add another layer of beauty to your projects!


Dates: Thursday September 1st (11:30 AM)

            Tuesday September 13th (11:30 AM)


I T ' S   A L L   A B O U T   W A X ! 

 Along with tips and tricks about applying Annie's wax we will also take questions about your experience with finishing your Chalk Paint® projects.  Our time will include introducing Annie's new Black and White Wax and the difference they bring to her 33 amazing colors.  A few surprises are in the mix!


Dates: Thursday September 8th (11:30 AM)

             Saturday October 1st (10:30 AM)


E M B E L L I S H M E N T S ! - Efex Appliques & More

Do you have a plain Jane project that needs some help?  This demo is for you!  These Soft Appliques can transform the style of any piece of furniture or frames; as well as embellish your gift and craft projects.  Be ready for a touch of glitz!


Dates: Thursday September 22nd (11:30 AM)


We look forward to seeing you!

Black and White Wax Week: Our Before and Afters

We here at Sisters Unique had such a fabulous time during the Black and White Wax Week, July 18th - 24th.  Joy and Renea did a wonderful job hosting live demos every afternoon, featuring various ways in which you can use the new Black and White Chalk Paint® waxes. Thank you to everyone who came out to learn, laugh, and be creative with us! If you didn't make it, here's a recap of what went down:

Monday: "A Face Lift"

While this table was lovely with it's Provence base and white wash, it is now truly a piece of art.  Joy worked her magic by applying layers of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, Black Wax, and a special touch of Lime Shine stencil cream.  The Black Wax really did a beautiful job of bringing out all of the details. 

Tuesday: "It's a Mess"

Our little end table has come quite a long way!  Once tired and worn, it is now to look new.  The jeweled hardware, along with the Black Wax has done a lot to jazz it up!

Wednesday: "Let's See What Happens!"

The great thing about Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is that you don't have to use a lot to use a lot to make a big impact!  Take these tables for example: originally worn and scratched, we breathed new life into them with a few layers of Graphite Chalk Paint® and Black Wax on the tops, sides and legs.  The finishing touch came when we rubbed a little gold Gilding Wax on the feet and hardware!

Thursday: "Miss-Matched Chair"

I don't think we need to say much...just take a look!  Renea did a beautiful job applying Coco Chalk Paint® and White Wax, completing transforming this chair.

Friday: "Same Mirror, Different Direction"

Same mirror, two totally different outcomes.  While they started off a bit subdued these pieces now shine, with the addition of Black and White wax. Pictures just don't do this one justice.
That's a wrap! We can't wait to do it again and see where creativity and Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan takes us. Endless possibilities....
If you were inspired by one of our demos or something you learned this week, we'd love to hear about it! Share your creativity on our Facebook or Instagram (@sistersunique).
Happy creating!

Black & White Wax Week Event


We welcome you to join us at Sisters Unique, July 18th - 23rd, as we participate in the Annie Sloan's worldwide stockist event,

Black & White Wax Week

"One of the world’s most respected paint and color experts, Annie Sloan brings decades of knowledge – and plenty of style – to her hugely popular line of decorative paint, Chalk Paint®. And with books, brushes, stencils, and fabrics, her inspirations are transforming more and more homes every day."

We both love and cherish Annie Sloan around here. We are grinning ear-to-ear and cheering over her wonderful new products! As stockists of this wonderful product, we are super excited to break open the world of possibility and creativity for the artistic and the non-artistic alike as we introduce you to her newest products to support her beautiful Chalk Paint®.  

¤ Black & White Wax ¤ MixMat ¤ Sanding Pads ¤ Stencils ¤ Rollers ¤ New Workbook ¤

Come see the technique in action, let your creativity run freely, and chat with our paint experts about products and techniques. 



¤ Daily Demo's (details below) ¤
¤ 10% Off Chalk Paint® and Wax by Annie Sloan ¤
¤ New Store Layout and New Retail Items ¤
Store Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10am - 5pm


Monday 11am: "A Face Lift" 

Blue End Table gets updated with Black Chalk Paint®
Tuesday 12pm: "It's a Mess" 
Teal Table goes to the next level of chabby chic
Wednesday 1pm: "Let's See What Happens!"
Worn & Tired Wooden End Tables refreshed using Chalk Paint® Wax
Thursday 11am: "Miss Matched Chair" 
Bringing together a color story on this unique chair
Friday 12pm: "Same Mirror, Different Direction"
Two mirrors in two ways with the White & Black Chalk
Saturday 1pm: "Surprise!"
A surprise demo you'll just have to be here to see!
So come on, friends!
Don't miss out on the deals & "funducation" (like that? Fun + Education can go hand-in-hand!) going on at Sisters Unique!

Event: #AnnieSloanLate

We were very excited to host the very first #AnnieSloanLate Event Friday, November 21st, which was a worldwide event held by the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Stockist to support local business', support local charity, and have fun!


We were proud to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital with our raffle donations and collected $250 for the great cause.  We also had hourly giveaways of workshops and paint. 

Our grand prize raffle winner, Roisin Preble (below), won a gift bag filled with Annie Sloan products. She was a very happy camper and it was so neat to find out that her father presented an award to the founder of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital way back in the day!


While people were shopping and enjoying the festive atmosphere, we did live painting demonstrations, such as stenciling Christmas gift paper for your packages (or any packaging really!)


A sample of the 102 Workshop boards (a winter themed of course!)

(Look at that Annie Sloan Craqueleur on the kitty! Not winter themed, but this kitty could be someone's Christmas present!)

Molly Skivington from Unfolded was visiting us for Annie Sloan Late and it was great having her around the demo table. 

Molly made beautiful custom colors and the customers loved it!! Annie's Chalk Paint® colors mix so beautifully and it was intriguing to watch.

While Molly custom mixed color sticks, Joy repurposed old ornaments into some fun, polka dotted schemes with her favorite custom color green (1 pt Olive to 2 pt English Yellow).


Even our workshop tree has repurposed ornaments (made out of old bulbs, painted with Emperor's Silk, waxed, and added wire to hang them)

It was a wonderful evening and we are so grateful for all who came out to enjoy the festivities! We have amazing customers who are so supportive, fun, and just downright awesome! 

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