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Dreaming in Bella Notte

If Heaven has beds, we're fairly certain they're draped in wisps of Bella Notte Linens.  Combine luxury, texture and good old-fashioned comfort... and you get Bella.  But enough of what we think.  We'll let these photos and accolades do the talking...

"Notte's complete line of products now includes bedding, baby bedding, accessories and apparel, and our luscious palette of colors and textures is compatible with every décor and lifestyle. All of our products are made in the United States utilizing local community crafts people, and are finished in a process that employs only low-impact non-toxic dyes--a system of manufacturing that parallels our long-term goal of producing merchandize with less environmental impact. What we offer is a high quality product, timeless in nature and exceptional in its devotion to creative design."  -- Bella Notte Linens

“Bella Notte sells itself because the fabrics are soft and beautiful.  They go in the washer and dryer and enable all of our dog and cat loving customers to share their beds happily with their best friends.”
 - Helen Stroud, Olivine, Houston, TX
“Love your product; great variation in line - sweet to sexy.”
 - Simply Home, Wilmington, DE
“Great product! It’s livable, functional, comfortable, breathable, versatile, and unique.”
 - Megan Branagh, Simple Things, Fort Worth, TX


Still searching for that absolutely perfect Christmas gift for Mom, your daughter or your sweetie?  Well, good news.  You can order Bella Notte through Sisters.  Visit our store to touch and feel the product for yourself.



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