• Efex™ Appliqués: Fantastic Made Easy
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    Amy Kaminski

Efex™ Appliqués: Fantastic Made Easy

Flexible, versatile, easy to use furniture appliqués - simply paint the appliqué and glue (with contact cement) onto wood, glass, cement, and even metals! They are handmade latex moldings originating from New Zealand and new to the United States. They can be used Interior OR exterior...



I love texture and detail. There is something about a little carving on a piece of furniture or a frame (in my opinion) that sets it apart and makes it special. You can imagine how delighted I was when I discovered Efex™ Appliqués my new friend Lydia Langston (who is a fellow Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan Stockist) recently introduced to America.

It was while browsing one evening admiring a Facebook post that took me to Lydia’s Maine Country Home site and I was smitten. There was no hesitation for Sisters Unique to become a Retailer. You can easily glue these appliqués to plain furniture and frames to create a one of a kind custom piece. They are fantastic!

Here are our display boards (a sample of each one we carry):

We love them!

Want to see some before and after photos of our furniture projects??? Check back with us tomorrow for our next blog post!

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    Amy Kaminski

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