Who We Are

Welcome to Sisters Unique. This is a place of growth. This is a place of beauty. The doors are always open, swung wide over our classic black and white floors. Polished columns pave the way for sophisticated lines and comfortable furniture. Accessories fill every glamorous nook and cranny, artfully poised in such a way as to leave you awed and floored.

Hospitality freely reigns here. We never miss a moment to arrange fresh hydrangeas, create an appetizing spread, and laugh until our insides hurt. Many hands make light work and loads of family snapshots. The younger consult the wiser, and the wiser confess they are neither older nor wiser, but regardless, there is a common bond that unites us all.   

We believe in order. We believe in its ability to release creativity. Our design philosophy is rooted in things intangible, unforgettable, undeniably—documentable in the history annals of your family tree — good. Our wake up call is the sound of client’s exclamatory remarks reverberating in our hearts and heads. We live to see spaces grown into more than material works of art. We live to see them turn into deep wells of refuge, wisdom and constant life. Whether we are reworking a showroom vignette, pouring coffee with a client, painting something old into something new, or shuffling furniture in a Room Service, we are always growing home. We’re growing home together. We’re growing it on purpose. And we’re growing home with you.